Bet Muck
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What is Bet Muck?
Bet Muck is an new feature offered to players on the river where the player's hole cards will automatically be mucked and the player will forfeit the pot if their opponent calls their bet.

If I choose Bet Muck will my cards be revealed?
No. Your cards will be mucked and not revealed.

When can I Bet Muck?

Bet Muck is only available on the river when there are only 2 players left at the table and it is only available in certain game types. The below image is an example of Bet Muck being available and how to accept it.


I've taken the Bet Muck action. Can I cancel it?
No. Once you've selected the option it cannot be reversed and your bet will stand.

I've chosen Bet Muck but my opponent raises, what happens?

Bet Muck will be cancelled and the hand continues with your decision. You will have another chance of choosing bet muck unless you have insufficient chips to re-raise.

What games is Bet Muck available in?
Bet Muck is available in Hold'em, Omaha (including PLO5), Short Deck, Rush & Cash and Spin & Gold games.

What games is Bet Muck not available in?
Bet Muck is not available in Tournaments, Battle Royale, Flip & Go, AoF Cash Games and AoF Sit & Go.

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