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Understanding Run It Multiple Times (RIMT)
Understanding Run It Multiple Times (RIMT)
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Run It Multiple Times (RIMT) allows players to have the remaining board cards dealt multiple times (example: two times or three times) when two players are playing a hand and both are all-in. The amount in the pot is also split into equal separate amounts based on the number of times it is run and will be paid out according to the results of each of the different runs.

Below is an example of a board that has been run three times.


The total pot is $3,000 and both players accepts to run it three times after going all-in on the flop. The pot is split three ways ($1,000 for each run) and the turn and river cards are dealt three separate times. Player with QQ wins the first 2 runs with 'Three of a Kind' and takes a total of $2,000. Player with AT wins the 3rd run with a 'Flush' and takes $1,000.

If either of the two active players in the hand decides not to 'Run it Multiple Times', then the hand will only run once as normal.

Running the board multiple times lowers your risk when you are All-in.

Run It Multiple Times is only possible when both players accept. There is no extra rake/fee incurred.

Run It Multiple Times is only available in NLH, Omaha, Short Deck and R&C. It is not available in Tournaments, S&G, Battle Royale and AoF.

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