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Straddle (No-Look All-in)
What is Straddle and how to Straddle?
What is Straddle and how to Straddle?
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The Texas Hold’em Straddle function is one of Natural8’s fun and innovative features, designed to add more thrills, twists and turns to an already-exciting poker hand.

Traditionally, the Straddle is a bet than can be played by the player immediately to the left of the Big Blind. Usually, a player choosing to straddle can bet double the Big Blind before the hole cards are dealt, so it’s basically a blind raise before the players get their cards. This can lead to some big pots and dramatically alter the outcome of the hand.

At Natural8, you can post a straddle bet from any position on the table before the hole cards are dealt. To post a Straddle, just check the Straddle box located at the bottom left of the table.

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