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What is the Smart HUD Box?
What is the Smart HUD Box?
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The Smart HUD box is available for Cash Games, Tournaments and All-in or Fold (AoF).

1. Cash Games
The Smart HUD Box in cash games shows how many hands a player has played and won against a particular player. A player's past records of the biggest pots against their opponents will be a quick reminder of the opponent's tendencies and can also serve as a measurement of skill in comparison. Also present in the Smart HUD Box is a list of 3 biggest hands versus your opponents, with corresponding Hand Moments.

*Smart HUD Box data in cash games refreshes daily.

2. Tournaments
Tournament players will easily be able to track their current position in the tournament via their Tournament Rank stat. No more having to go back and forth between the Tournament Table and Tournament Lobby. You will clearly be able to see where you stand, as well as where everyone at the table stands.

The Tournament Smart HUD Box will provide information on a player's total Tournament Winnings and performance in their last 5 tournaments, saving players the hassle of doing their own investigation on other Tournament players.

*Tournament Smart HUD Box data refreshes daily.

3. All-in or Fold (AoF)
We also have exclusive stats for our AoF Games. The All-in % shown below is just that: a stat representing how often a player has gone all-in.

The Smart HUD Box in AoF will also show three things : A player's total jackpot winnings, their latest jackpot hands, and their hand distribution.

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