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Smart HUD icon (VPIP% and Heat Index)
Smart HUD icon (VPIP% and Heat Index)
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In Cash Games (excluding AoF) and Tournaments, the icon will display a player's current VPIP percentage. VPIP stands for voluntarily put money in pot. In other words, this stat shows the percentage of time a player calls or raises pre-flop. Players will be able to view other players percentage, and other players will be able to view the player's percentage as well.

1. For cash games, only the last 50 hands of the specific table are used to calculate the VPIP%.

2. All data is based on specific table & tournament session data except Rush & Cash.
3. The session of Rush & Cash is combined across all tables.


The heat index indicates how much a player is up the current session, should go a long way towards providing a clearer picture of a player's win/loss and current mindset. For instance, if a player is having a Blazing Run, it means he's up at least 200 BBs in the current session.

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