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How can I SELL stakes/action?
How can I SELL stakes/action?
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After registering for a tournament, Sellers (players selling their action) must set the percentage of their action for sale as well as the mark-up that they are selling it for. Sellers may value their action as they see fit. From selling action at the base 1:1 price of the entry fees to doubling the cost of each 1% increment, the mark up is defined by the value the seller places on their skills to succeed, and the popularity and demand for their action. See below for a guide on how to Sell Action:

Once a player has registered for a tournament, proceed to the "Staking" tab and select the "Sell My Action" button.


Set the Shares to Sell and Set Markup then hit the ‘Sell Action’ button once completed.

  • Shares to Sell - are equal to percentages of a player’s stake

  • Purchase Cap - a percentage cap each player can purchase

  • Set Markup - this is used to charge a premium for a share of their action.

Sellers may only sell action while a tournament’s registration period remains open. Sellers may cancel their sale at any time during this period.

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