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Can I download or save my hands?
Can I download or save my hands?
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To download hands, just go to PokerCraft, select the Game Type from the menu on the left, select the desired date range and click Show, select and tick the desired Table/Tournament and click Game History and there will be a button to Download the hands.
*Please note that the Download feature is currently in Beta testing.

Note: You can download hands from the past 90 days only.


You can also download specific hands at a table by selecting the Hand History button (spade card button located at the top right), then select the Download button (red download button) for the hand you wish to download.


To save a hand, tick the Star button for a hand and type a note for the hand. This action will now appear in your timeline. You can now easily look for your saved hands by using the filter on your timeline to show Starred hands.

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