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First Deposit Bonus
How is the First Deposit Bonus released?
How is the First Deposit Bonus released?
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Match Bonus
Your First Deposit Match Bonus will disbursed to you in $1 increments based on $5 paid in net rake and/or tournament fees.

For example: A player deposits $100. He/she will be opted in for a bonus of $200. Once a player has net rake of $5, they will automatically receive $1 in bonus in the form of cash. The player will then need to continue to rake another $5 to receive another $1. In order to receive the full bonus amount, the player will need to generate $1,000 in rake.

Free Bonus
Deposit a minimum of $20 and receive bonuses up to $100 (in AoF Sit & Go tickets and Cash Dollars).


*AoF Sit & Go hands will not count towards the hand requirement for the daily AoF Challenge.

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