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Avatar Race (Express Satellite)
Avatar Race (Express Satellite)
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Avatar Race is a 3-max Omaha Express Satellite.

The first player to register for the race will get to choose their avatar first.
The second player to register will have the next choice.
The final player will automatically be assigned the remaining avatar.

The available avatars and their corresponding hole cards are:
Duck = Ah,Ac,Jd,Ts
Turtle = Kh,Kd,Qd,Qc
Snail = 2c,3c,4s,5h


The race begins after all players have selected their avatar. Players will proceed to a card run. Only one community card will be opened at a time, for a total of 5 community cards. The player with the highest rank when each card is opened will advance a rank. The player with the highest rank after the river (final 5th card) has been dealt will be the winner for the seat to the target tournament.

If there are multiple winners, a new game will take place with just the winners and their existing avatars.

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