What is Flip & Go?
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Flip & Go is an exciting way to play tournament poker; skip all the boring parts and jump straight into the hottest action possible.

Choose to play with larger starting stacks, snag extra chips during the Flip Stage with the flipout bonus or by playing in more than one Flip Stage and play out a standard Hold’em game once you’re in the money.

How it works?

Flip & Go tournaments has TWO stages; The Flip and The Go. In the Flip Stage, players will be dealt THREE hole cards face-up. Players will then have 30 seconds to discard one of the hole cards and if none are selected, the lowest card will be removed automatically. Each table will then play down to a winner and the winner will proceed to the Go Stage and be ITM (in the money). Players who advance to the ITM round will be auto registered with their respective chip stacks from the Flip Stage and continue play as a regular Hold'em tournament until the end.

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