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Sent to wrong coin/chain, missing tags, delisted coins via Coinpayments
Sent to wrong coin/chain, missing tags, delisted coins via Coinpayments
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As per Coinpayments policy, if you have sent virtual currency to the wrong virtual currency, virtual currency wallet or blockchain, or to a delisted virtual currency and it needs to be recovered by Coinpayments manually, you are required to pay for the gas fee and a 8% fee recovery fee applies.

If the virtual currency can be recovered at all, and Coinpayments reserve the right in their sole
discretion to not attempt to recover small amounts. This would also apply to virtual currency that requires a destination tag, payment ID, memo, etc. that was not sent or sent to an incorrect address.
Coinpayments do not recover virtual currency that they do not support. To request a recovery, you must contact Natural8 within 7 days after an applicable Virtual Currency Transaction so that we can assist to liaise with Coinpayments on your behalf, if it is recoverable, or it will be forfeited.

If you sent virtual currency to an address that is not generated from the Cashier deposit request, and that Natural8 or Coinpayments do not own, we cannot reverse the transaction or recover your virtual currency. You will need to contact the owner/support staff of the address that the virtual currency were sent to.

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