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Account Verification (KYC)
How do I verify my account (KYC)?
How do I verify my account (KYC)?
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To verify your account, please upload them via the Game Client (Click on your Avatar > My Account > My Documents):

1. Photographic ID: A front and back copy of a valid photographic ID is required. This can be in the form of a valid Passport, Driver’s License, National ID or Residence Card. Please ensure that your full name and photograph are visible on the document and that the entire ID is visible.


2. Proof of Address: This may be submitted in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or correspondence from a central or local government authority, department or agency. It should be recent (within the last 3 months) and shows your full name, address and date. If you provide a credit card statement, please ensure that you blank out the eight middle numbers of the credit card. Please ensure that your name, address and date are visible and that the entire document is visible.


3. Proof of Identity (A picture of you holding both your photographic ID and a piece of paper with your Natural8 account nickname + current date. Please ensure your face, ID, account nickname and date are all clearly visible.


4. The following details filled out in My Info:

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:

Note: If you submit documents that are not in English, please highlight and identify your name, address and date on each of the documents.

Please allow up to 72 hours to 5 days for the verification team to process all requests.

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