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Nicknames / Screen Names
Nicknames / Screen Names
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What are Nicknames / Screen Names?
On Natural8 every player has a Nickname which is unique to that player and is displayed at the poker table and in tournament lobbies and staking lobbies.

When do I choose my Nickname?
You will be asked to do this when you sign up, but think carefully as it's not possible to change it once registration is complete.

How long or short can my Nickname be?
Nicknames can be between 4 and 15 characters long.

Can I use non-roman characters in a Nickname?
No. All nicknames must be formed using the Roman alphabet, Arabic Numerals and standard symbols. Other forms of the alphabet such as Greek, Cyrillic, etc. are not permitted.

Is there anything I cannot use as a Nickname?
Yes. Natural8 forbids the use of what it deems to be offensive or unacceptable as a Nickname and reserves the right to restrict accounts that have been registered with offensive nicknames until they are changed.

What counts as 'offensive' or 'Unacceptable' in terms of Nicknames?
This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any terms that are discriminatory - EG, Racist, Sexist, etc.

  • Political or Religious terms or phrases.

  • Vulgar words or phrases in any language.

  • Nicknames that impersonate real-life individuals.

  • Nicknames that are designed to confuse other players. for example 'Sitting Out' or 'All In'

  • Any nickname that at its discretion Natural8 deems to be offensive or unacceptable.

There is a nickname I believe is offensive or unacceptable, how do I report this?
Please take a screenshot of the table and send it to [email protected] and your report will be reviewed.

I've been told by Natural8 that I need to change my nickname what do I do now?
Next time you log in you will be prompted to select a new nickname, please do so carefully as repeated violations of our nickname policy may result in more stringent restrictions on your account.

Could two players have the same nickname?
No. Although it is possible for similar nicknames to exist, for example, Michael and M1chael would be considered unique.

Can I use my real name as my nickname?
Yes, you are free to use your own name as your nickname.

Someone else has already registered the nickname I want, is there any way I can get it?
No. Once a nickname is registered it cannot be assigned to another account.

Can I request to change my nickname?
No. Once set a nickname cannot be changed.

Are there any scenarios in that an exception would be made to the 'no change' nickname rule?
The only exception would be if you wish to change to using your real name as your nickname, to do this please contact [email protected] for assistance.

I have been contacted by the Network who said that I must change my nickname to my real name, is this a legit request?
From time to time we request this of selected players to provide transparency and fairness in the game. This is a legitimate request and correspondence should be addressed to [email protected].

I am known by a certain name online, can I change my nickname to match this name?
No. If your nickname is already set then this cannot change unless you wish to play under your real name.

Are some tournaments 'real names' instead of nicknames?
Yes. Some of our partners require real names to be used either in complete tournaments or at certain stages. Players will be informed of this before registering.

Why are some nicknames coloured?
This indicates that the player is either an ambassador, a member of Natural8's Team HOT. Clicking on their name will tell you more.

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